Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Fog

 The solitary heart beats but with no willingness, the eyes are moist with silent tears that yearn to scream out of the sockets, the lungs breathe still but with reluctance and no zeal. As I pen my thoughts down, the mind struggles in its hope of stumbling on to some joy, the weary eyes weakly hunt for a path ahead, the parched lips mumble in dire prayers as the soul awaits for the clearing of the fog ahead......for the mist to lift...for the road to show.....for the destiny to reveal itself....


  1. I am sure the mist, the fog all will leave and will show you the path....

  2. A captivating picture of a human being ... what will come next? Will the fog clear? How much longer will he wait?

  3. Hope is only answer and your way of writing down your thoughts and perceptions will take you a long way.I can see that light moving towards your blog.keep it up.

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