Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alternate careers for JU teachers of Comparative Literature

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What if our dear professors and lecturers at Jadavpur University were not in this profession and were something completely else. Based on their habits and teaching style, this is a meant-to-be-a-fun-read post on the suitable alternative careers for them:

Ipsita Chanda- Architect  (coz she goes so deep)

Kunal Chatterjee- Substitute for Prof. Binns, the teacher of history of Hogwarts  (coz KC is the only one listening to himself, and can be soporific to the extent of putting Dennis the Menace to sleep)

Dipannita-  Poster girl for Lakme India

Sujit Kumar Mondal- Stage comic actor  (I don't know why. Perhaps he is just too endearing and can always make his audience smile)

Sayantan Dasgupta- Projector guy at Inox

Debashree Datta Ray- A storyteller (A bard using oral tradition or a novelist who uses diacritical marks)

Suchorita Chattopadhyay- Owner of a poultry farm that rears dogs or a babysitter

Partho Sarthi Bhowmick- Editor of a revolutionary Bengali magazine called 'Hok Theatre'

Kavita Punjabi- Coach of Kolkata 'Knight' Riders

[Note: No offence intended. The post is to be read with a light heart. I hold upmost respect for all these beloved teachers.]

-Ritesh Agarwal,
PG-1 student of Comparative Literature,
Dated: 4th November 2014

Email: ritzy182000@gmail.com

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