Sunday, February 22, 2015

One thousand rainbows later

One thousand rainbows later, time will pause for a moment
To turn around and look back across time,
Where it shall encounter me
In your past and in my present.

And I would greet it with joy
Of that imperishable kind with which past greets its future,
Laugh with it, the way I laugh with you
And I would tell it all about your ancient glory
And it would fill me in with your glory eternalized
And we would talk till the moon joins in
Croon till the cricket chants along
Till I run out of memories
Till it runs out of time,

Heavy with nostalgia, time would bid me bye
Slip back to where it came from
Not knowing that it never did leave me
Never could leave me
The wraith of my world will walk over your wall.


PS- This poem is addressed to JU


  1. Replies
    1. Ohh I clicked publish before completing my comment :)

      What I wanted to say was ...

      Oh yes it is nostalgia at it's best..:D Past meets present !

  2. love, apocalypse, eternity, time travelling, nostalgia, yearning... what else am I missing ?

  3. Really touchingI Imagine time bidding bye!
    like the concept- Sci-fi yet philosophical. Mysterious yet practical!

    1. You analysed it so well. Thanks for the kind words

  4. Very touching and illuminating.....lucky JU


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