Friday, March 6, 2015

Black is the colour of the rain

Black is the colour
Of the rain that falls today
Black is the farm
And the crop that grows on it
Black is the sown
Black is thy plough
Oh bygone William, black is now your reaper
Black is the bone and black is the eye
So which is the daisy, which one the dew?

On that land of ice
White melts in fear
Sun burns away
Moon no more there

The whole world burns
Even the flame’s colour is black
So why play Holi
Coal will always smile

Yet there’s a heart
That smears a crumb of hope
The moon may be whitewashed
The rainbow painted anew


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  1. Apt words for the current world situation.
    However, we pray that may there be peace and happy Holi celebrations.

  2. Such a beautiful poem...loved it


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