Friday, August 20, 2010

What is Love.....

Love is an inexplicable
 yet the most beautiful feeling one can ever feel....
 It wakes you up and helps you dream once again
It prods you to seep in the magic
that a sinking sun spews on the horizon
 And a silvery moon radiates onto the void....
Love drives you to do magic
 to feel the magic
 and to see sense in nonsensical life...
 Love may not have the prowess to change your surroundings
 but it does have the infinite strength to change you
 in a manner that you change your surroundings
 or develop newer and broader vision....
Love is a fragrance-
intangible, incomprehensible, untouchable and unforeseeable
Yet it exists in hearts
where there is a small space for things other than malice........


  1. you seem lovestruck...hope you survive....

  2. All of us are love-struck..aren't we?


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