Friday, September 17, 2010

9th August, 2010

                                               9th August, 2010
Hiya was staring at the screen with a blank mind awaiting a reply from Rit who was lurking in the small chat window. It was 2am but Hiya seemed reeling under a spell as she immersed herself in talking to this unheard, unseen stranger whom she had bumped into a few hours back in Yahoo Messenger.
Night grew deeper and the eerie darkness was complete by the time she logged off. A strange fondness had developed for this perfect stranger. He seemed bewitching. She smiled to the darkness as she hit the pillows....there was a strange tug at her heart which seemed agonising yet sweet.
Over the next couple of days, Hiya found herself getting drawn to her laptop...forlorn in his thoughts as she yearned to chat with him. He was hypnotic; endowed with some mystical charm. Blinded by his mysterious charisma, she even exchanged numbers.
She found herself calling him next evening. His voice seemed hollow and strangely long drawn as if he were millions of miles away (yet she knew he lived in Calcutta only).... Tentative yet bewitched, Hiya sighed, ‘Can we meet?’
He paused, then asked, ‘When?’
‘On 9th August,’ Hiya was firm ‘But where?’
‘Okay, 9th August, 2010....outside the Park Street cemetery at 8 pm. I hope you shall keep your promise.’
He hung up! He had said he lived near that graveyard. It felt a tad strange. Hiya kept thinking about it for a long time....apparently lost in her thoughts.
The impending day arrived. He looked sweet as Hiya approached him. With luscious red lips, jet black hair and a warm flickering smile, he seemed a womanizer as Hiya found herself succumbing to his murderous charms.
Before she knew it, she found herself walking into the cemetery alongside him as if a stroll inside a graveyard is a very normal thing to do. As they went deeper, a chill ran through her spine....the eeriness seemed complete as...moon was flirting with the clouds.
Like a bewitching Dracula, Rit was casting his spell over her....she kept swooning as if in a trance. ‘Do you believe in ghosts,’ he broke the silence with a playful chuckle.
Suddenly, Hiya felt she saw an apparition if a pale, smoky ghost floating in the misty air.....but it must be a sliver of moon ray- she convinced herself.
Rits went on to some thread of conversation but Hiya’s mind was preoccupied. ‘Do you believe in ghosts’ (his voice was still ringing in her ears).
‘Yes, I do,’ she threw him a powerful look...her eyes lit up in a fiery determination.
The next moment Rit found himself falling on the ground....a violent storm brewing in his head. He looked up and found himself staring vacantly at the empty air where Hiya was standing only a moment ago. Something glistening on the ground caught his gaze. Paralysed and petrified, with a sense of utmost horror, he read the inscribed words shimmering on the tomb......
                             Hiya Ganguly
               (17th July, 1985- 9th August, 2010)
She had kept her promise..........


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerieeeeeeeeeee!!! I thought both of them were ghosts :-/!

  2. Thanx for not anticipating the climax..otherwise, i wud hv failed

  3. What a crazy story, and so well written in such a short post. Enjoyed it immensely.


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