Monday, July 2, 2012

Who murdered my wife

They caught me with a blood-stained knife which I happened to possess I don’t remember how. They said I stabbed my wife, my only wife, my dear lovable wife. But I don’t remember. I vaguely remember the day. I was watching television. My wife was asleep in the bedroom. It was a crime-based show in which I saw a man stabbing his wife in the sleep. That scene stirred me deeply and something happened to me. I don’t remember the subsequent events. My mind goes completely blank whenever I endeavour to think about it. I don’t remember taking the knife from the kitchen. I don’t remember tiptoeing into my wife’s room. I don’t remember when and how I stabbed her. All I remember is that she screamed in her sleep and I found myself standing by her side holding a blood-stained knife. My wife was lying in a pool of blood and I was covered in sweat. My wife’s scream alerted the neighbours who alerted the cops. The officers rushed into my residence. I was still standing by my dead wife’s side tightly clinging to the culprit knife. I stood frozen unable to comprehend the situation. I was charged with the murder of my wife, my only wife, my dear lovable wife. I was falsely accused for I did not murder my wife. No, I could not have murdered her. I loved her too much. I….I …I think I am losing sense of time….
Hello, there. I am the other side of me. I confess that it was me who murdered my wife and not my simpleton and gullible counterpart. I hated my wife. She used to nag at me all the time. I loathed her for nagging at me; I detested her for fancying that Hollywood actor; I hated her for spying on me. I had been conspiring secretly to kill her for the past many weeks. I remember the day vividly. I witnessed a man stab his wife on the television. That egged me up. My mind was made up. I rushed into the kitchen, picked up the knife and quietly entered my wife’s room. She was snoring. How I hated her snores! But tonight, I told myself, I would put a permanent end to her snoring. I held the knife high in the air and plunged it savagely into her heaving chest. A shriek emanated from her lips, hovered in the air for a second, and then all was silent. She moved no more…….
I… I don’t understand certain things. Today I shall be tried on court for the murder I did not commit. I swear I did not murder my wife. I think I am being controlled by someone else. There are blank moments when I don’t remember what I did. They are saying that I am showing symptoms of split personality. All I know is that I loved my wife deeply and I haven’t killed her……….


  1. Thanks for reading Ashwini :)

  2. I'll say he's either got split personalities or he's soooooo faking it!!! LOL! Nice one!!

  3. Ya, he has got split personality


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