Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shoppers Stop: The magical place to pick eclectic outfits

When the smile refuses to leave my face and when the air begins to smell sweet, you can be rest assured that winter is round the corner. And winter being my favorite season, I put an extra effort in dressing myself up. Plus, with the festive week of Christmas and New Year banging at the door, shopping for clothes becomes a necessity for my survival.
Last night, I found myself in the midst of some chic-looking girls, all gorgeously attired in trendy clothes. I felt shabbily dressed in front of them and more so because another guy (that stupid Anand) had handsomely dressed up in shimmering black. Black always works for boys, but you need to know that I'm still the better guy (that Anand is not as intelligent or as good at heart as I am). But since all gals seemed to have eyes only for him, I walked out of the party. Then I heard a distant sound and found myself in my bed with my alarm clock ringing. Phew, so it was just a dream, though a horrifying one! It was a wake-up call, in both figurative as well as literal ways. I got up, checked up wardrobe and all my fears came true. Yes, I didn't have one exotic dress to match up to my exotic looks.
This meant work, this meant shopping, and this meant going out. But for a die-hard lazy sloth like me, it's very challenging to wade through the crowds and do an entire day of shopping from retail shops. So, I fell back to my most reliable ally during such moments of crisis- texts! I texted some of my high-on-fashion friends. A few of them suggested
Now, brands don't do any magic on me. But if I can lay my hands on something catchy & funky (something that makes me stand out of the crowd), then I am game for it, even if I have to empty all my wallet. Since, internet is just a hand away from my bed, I could access it without having to let go of my slothful attitude.
I logged in to began to hunt for something that would really impress me.

Price: Rs 2495
My first pick was this T-shirt. I bought a full-sleeved one, given that it would be apt for the chilly days ahead. Besides, I have realized that I look better in full sleeves. And of course, I chose this outfit for it's blackish in color (did I tell you about my obsession for black). Since I am pretty fair (touchwood touchwood touchwood), so black gives me that devastating kind of look which every guy craves for.
[Product details: Jack and Jones-Mens Long sleeves crew neck T-shirt. Priced reasonably at Rs 2495]

I had to find a great-looking pair of jeans to go with this T-shirt. And after scouting through the huge gamut of collections, my 'Talaash' ended with this punk-looking one.

Price: Rs 2169.30

This jeans caught my attention since it is greyish-blackish with a light faded shade and has that grungy quality which can lend that perfect cool look. The moment I laid my eyes on it I knew that I had to buy it, or else my conscience would never let me lead a peaceful life again. Plus, it came with 30% off tag and, for once, even my wallet gave its approval (even though, by general norm, it hates to agree with my pricey choices)

[Product details: Lee Mens Powell Fit Jeans.
Price: Rs 2169.30 after 30% discount]

Next, I had to look for an enviable pair of shoes. My old pair was withering away and it had lost its sheen after just a few months of use. So, I was looking for quality this time and hence, shoppersstop became my best source. 

Price: Rs 3,495 
I wanted something different to make the girls look down at my feet. When you are dressed to perfection with a ritzy glitzy T-shirt & jeans, then your footwear may just get lost in oblivion. So, it is vital to select a pair which is cool enough to grab its own share of limelight. Hence, this pinkish one seemed a perfect choice for 3 reasons:
i. The light pink color is a brilliant contrast to the dark colored jeans and Tee.
ii. Its girlie look makes for a funky and style-stating choice.
iii. The price is slightly on the higher side. That convinces me about the quality and longevity of the product (Snobbish Effect, I had read in Economics! Or was it the Conspicuous Effect???)

[Product Details: Jack-and-Jones Mens Rubber Shoes
Price: Rs 3,495]

Rs 799
In a sudden stroke of brilliance, I had an epiphany that if I could add a dash of surprise to my outfit, then I can create magic. How about wearing a tie with this T-shirt. The idea may appear ludicrous to many, but it appealed to my quirky mind (it thinks differently, you see). So, my next purchase came with the following description.
[Zodiac Mens Ties
Price- Rs 799] and it looks something like this 

I wanted minimum accessories coz I didn't want to look brassy and wanted my outfits to get the maximum attention. But I definitely couldn't do without a watch. I would have worn my old watch which is in pretty good condition, but then I caught sight of that dream watch I had been dying to possess since I was in my nappies. This blue-colored, round shaped watch is the stuff what dreams are made of. I could not and didn't want to resist this temptation. So, I bought it. Here is the picture: 
Rs 9,995

Won't it go well with my above black T-shirt? Yes, it will for sure.
By the way, for the pedantic-minded, here is a quick detail:

[Product details: ESPRIT Timeswear Mens Watch- Folsom Blue.
Price: Rs 9,9995 (with 2 years warranty)]

So, these items complete my party-cum-casual-cum-chic-cum-handsome-cum-hunky-cum-cool look. Now, I can attend any party or hang-outs and I'm sure, the eyes of all the sensible girls would be rapt on me. Yes, I can have that effect, but then 'Shoppers Stop' helped too, this time around. 
And finally, I can also go to sleep in peace being rest assured that I won't get another nightmare the kind of which I described at the beginning. Relief!!! 

[This entry has been penned for IndiBlogger's 'Shopper's Stop Perfect Look' contest. The contest indeed gave me a chance to celebrate my bachelorhood and to add some exciting products to my wardrobe. If you too wish to add that sensational touche to your persona, then do plan a visit to the number one destination for clothing & online shopping. Happy shopping, tring!!]


  1. Thanks...but even hoping would be ridiculous....i never win a award :'(

  2. Hey this is interesting. i even tried to ensemble men's attire where i picked this very black T Shirt. Alas i dint complete that look. anyway this a cool choice, a tie with a T Shirt.. hmm certainly an interesting piece. you have already won with your unique ensemble. Good luck to the contest Rats. :)

  3. Thank you Rat. But you are being generous. They (the judges) will put this post on the dustbin for its over-ambitious quirkiness (pink shoes, tie with a Tee, and a general ineptness with the quality).
    But ya thanks to you. I know you have developed this soft corner for me in the crevices of your ratty heart, given that we both belong to the rodent family. :)

  4. ye thats true. :) soft corner from my ratty heart cos that was my first comment in your blog and ofcourse sprinkled with extra generosity :P well, no comments about that dust bin part. who knows perhaps you could be lucky enough to get a judge as quirky as you. ;)
    Btw, pink shoe is cool but i think you should have chosen the tie's color something more complementing with the shoes or the watch. well, thats my lil opinion. here, i follow you too now, just out of the same fondness you showed up on me. :)

    1. Ya, i guess i didn't get a better tie...or maybe didn't pay much attention....
      I am beginning to like you. Would be checking out your other stories/posts later tonight.

  5. Lovely collection.. specially love the watch and shoes.. hope your post do wonders in the contest. Best of luck :)

    1. Thanks Prasoon...Me too hoping so.
      After all, I am entitled to hope even though the results are fairly predictable :'(

  6. im still sceptical bout the tie but I love the watch..and the whole idea

  7. Haha....I know I may appear crazy somewhat....the whole idea....But this is my personal take...I chose what I would have worn (except for the mom would kick me out).


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