Monday, December 31, 2012

5 mantras to straighten our hairs: My gf prepares a list

Curls may look good on hot gals like Halle Berry and cool guys like Yuvraj Singh. But my girlfriend told me that you are no Yuvraj (and then I retorted back, ‘You madam are no Miss Berry’). After that, it took me close to 45 minutes to quiet her down, since she took offence to what I said. But let’s not get into that!

Eventually, the moral of the story is that, we both realized that our curls need to go and to go for good! With New Year banging on the door, we took a fresh resolution, ‘We resolve that we would straighten our hair this year! Come what may, we would say a final goodbye to our curly messy tresses.’
So, my girlfriend sat down to make a list and I tried to observe the lizard which was aiming for a housefly buzzing near the tubelight. After a full 1 hour, here is what she ( I mean my gf) presented me with:

5 mantras to straighten your hair:

i.                    Shave off your head. If the curls are gone, then the new crop of hair may come out straight, since it may be too na├»ve to know the nature of its own predecessors and in its ignorant innocence may just come out straight. (I rejected this idea immediately for obvious reasons)
ii.                  Run a hot iron over your curls (I didn’t quite reject it, but asked her to try out first and the poor gal backed out. Huh!)
iii.                Wear a wig (I ridiculed this idea and she showed me that ‘you-dare-ridicule-me-and-then-see-what-i-do-to-you’ look)
iv.                 Go to a beauty parlor and get them done straight (I dare not ridicule her this time but I explained her that it would lead to expensive monthly maintenance)
v.                   Buy a good shampoo that can naturally straighten the hair (I somewhat approved). After some soul-searching it read as:
v.                   Buy a good shampoo that can naturally straighten the hair Sunsilk. (She let out a whiff of sigh and gave me a high-five)

15 minutes later: My girlfriend was ransacking the internet trying to order the right Sunsilk product meant exclusively for hair-straightening. She found it here.
PS- By now, the lizard had already digested that housefly and was greedily looking for what other good things (read ‘flies’) the world (read ‘my tubelight’) had to offer. 

[This post has been written for Sunsilk 'Straight Hair Experiment' Contest, in association with Indiblogger.]


  1. hahaha.. That was fun :)

    "You dare ridicule me and thensee what i do to u wala look"

    This line was hilarious! All the best for the contest :)


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