Friday, February 7, 2014

3 reasons why to attend the Delhi Literature Festival 2014

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What: Delhi Literature Festival (2nd edition)

When: 7th-9th February, 2014

Where: Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, NewDelhi

Why the hullaballoo: Because, it’s a festival which celebrates books, authors and literature in general

Who should attend: Readers, book lovers, authors, budding authors, book-hoarders and You

What to expect: Stimulating, exciting, engaging and enlightening discussions and literary sessions on books (and writing) served with delicious dollops of humour

3 reasons why to attend the Delhi Literature Festival 2014:

Reason 1) To interact with published novelists, publishers and intellectual people from the literary world

Reason 2) To make friends. *Happiness is to find someone who loves the same books you love*

Reason 3) To get a direct peep into the path of getting published. If you aspire to pen your own book (anthology, novel, cookery book, parental book, et al), this festival will tell you all about the ups and downs of the journey

Star presence of the festival: Arvind Kejriwal (in an Interview with journalist Barkha Dutt) on 9th February, Sunday, 7 pm.

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  1. Enjoy you literature festival.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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