Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The rainbow that was there (a very very short story)

Why are you so scornful of rainbow, they ask me. I tell them that I too had a rainbow sheltering me from heat and storm of the day, a beautiful face, some handsome men, some good men- two good men to be precise- no, one good man actually, and then he left, my father died along the road, my mother went away, and  I was with wine whole day. But it was an opportunist like you. It consumed me more than I consumed it. And now at the end of the road, I sit here before a mirror and talk to you about myself, about yourself. I wish I had talked to you at the other end. My rainbow would have still been there I guess.

-Ritesh Agarwal

email: ritzy182000@gmail.com


  1. "It consumed me more than I consumed it."-- i liked it.
    And the rainbow of 2015 disappears here to bloom more vibrantly in 2016.


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