Friday, January 11, 2013

100 word story: The failed perfectionist

It was already 5:55 pm and the train had still not shown up. Meera looked at her watch petulantly. Usually, the metro comes bang on time. But, why not today when Meera was determined to prove to herself that she could be as perfect as her haughty brother! She had zeroed down on 5:55 as the perfect time. And then the ground beneath rumbled….a flash of yellow light….and the train came breezing in. Meera jumped, but she knew she had lost. It was 5:56. She was late by a minute. She had failed to perfect the timing of her death.


  1. Ooh! This was a power punch but with a sad ending :( Wonderfully written though!

  2. Thanks Rat and Saru for taking out time out for my post. :)

  3. Good work with the 100 words! As always the climax is really good!
    I never could finish anything in 100 words!

  4. Hi Rohan. Actually, you have to be very to-the-point in this format. But if u hav a plot, u can alwez try fitting it within 100 words. Give a try. U will improve with experience

  5. Another powerful work of writing. I always look forward to climax in ur stories.. I know something unexpected would come. :)

  6. Hmm , why always a sad ending to these short stories

    1. May be, I shud now pen a story with a happy ending :)


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