Sunday, January 20, 2013

55 word story: Blood across my face

Turning the alarm clock off I dragged myself into the bathroom. Groggily, I checked my reflection in the mirror. There were nail marks dug deeply into my face. Aghast, I stepped out into the verandah. My dog lay there in a pool of blood. This was the third murder I had committed in my sleep-walk.

[This post is a part of 'Write Over the Weekend', an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda] 


  1. Intriguing. Please continue with the story !!!

  2. This is the best from you, that I've read so far. [No, I haven't many]

  3. Hi Unknown shri. Good u liked it. But there's some flaw here...It doesn't look like my best...

  4. Its good but not your best, yes, Rats. you have done many cool n scary stories.. this is not that spooky cos it dint scare me as much the hollow eyes staring back at me. :-)

    Btw, i have given you the link in my blog. do check it out to disable the right click.. Ciao.

  5. Thanks Rat for your priceless feedback and link. You know u guys are taking horror n spook for granted in my every outing. I need to explore other genres too, otherwise they would say 'he repeats himself'. Hehe, ;)

  6. no one can copy your stuff now.. Rats. lol.. and yeah you shud try your hands in other genres too but i guess thrillers comes easy to you, right?... and in a best way :p good luck :-)


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