Thursday, January 3, 2013

99 word story: Never Been Kissed

“Have you ever been kissed,” I asked.

Her silence spoke thousand words. Her lips were still raw and virgin.

I always felt she had a thing for me, though she never expressed her love vocally.  Seeing me kissing her sister must have burned her heart. Her heart must have ached really bad. But she never said a word either to her sis or to me. She was very sensitive and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips. They were no longer virgin. The bottle of poison fell over from her lifeless hands. 


  1. Quite a twisting tale.Interesting and leaves the reader very curious..

  2. Hello Alcina. And thanks for taking time out to go through my story :)

  3. Nice story. Waiting for the sequel.
    - Avichal Pandey
    my blog

    1. Thanks. Checked your blog. Your language is good. Following you now :)

  4. That's a surprising end to the story. And this is what required in such short stories, a twist! :)

  5. You manage to bring the twist so effortlessly. Too good Ritesh.

  6. Hello Saru. It's so heartening to see that u take time out to go through each of my tales. M grateful. Thanks much :))

  7. Wow.. Interesting piece of writing..!


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