Sunday, February 24, 2013

55 word story: My 7th victim

I stabbed my father last week. He was getting on my nerves. I’ll miss him. Next day, my nagging wife was laid to rest. I hated my cat’s stare. She went next. My boss and neighbour followed suit. Yesterday, I slew the author. Tonight, I’ll commit one final murder. And my 7th victim is YOU.   


  1. Haha :D
    So, what the reader should think after reading this, I'm going to be a ghost. :P
    You script some horror play and that will hit the stores :D

  2. I am you know my address?

    jokes apart...this one is splendidly structured and ended with a mystery...but one thing that is amusing me...why a cat in betwee other cold blooded murders?

    1. The cat is significant to the signifies the person's state of psychology...he murders just for the pleasure of it and just to vent some kind of personal frustration.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Asteria...good to see u here again. And ya, I suffer from a bit of hitchcock syndrome in the sense that i like thrillers, brutal murders and psychos running loose :) :/

  4. Mummy! You scared me! That picture is so horrible_creepy *bhago from your blog*:)

    Nice, threatening post:)

  5. It took me around 30 minutes to decide the pic. Credit to Google Images! Glad that you got scared up. It makes my day :))

  6. Hi Rat. Ya, would be checking out soon


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