Saturday, February 9, 2013

55 word fiction: Me and my best friend

It was twilight. Standing at the edge of terrace, I wept. It had been 7 days that my best friend had died.

Rohit and me, once inseparable, were now a world apart.

A cold breath behind pulled me from my thoughts. I turned. I got his fleeting glimpse before Rohit’s hand gave me a shove.


  1. Good try on 55 word fiction :)

    1. Hi Bushra....thanks dear, though this was my 19th attempt but not amongst my better works

  2. Good one! Very apt picture for the story!

  3. Hey Ritesh!

    You have been nominated for the Liebster Award. Please check the following post for details -



  4. Hey Rats, i seem to have left the liebster nomination in one of your older post... well yeah now you know that you've been nominated for the Liebsters. and know what more to be done.. indeed I enjoyed your replies. :-) 99 missed calls..? lol. did it work for you??

    Congratulations, Rats- :-)

  5. Thank you Rat. Now, I can die in peace. Finally, an award in my kitty after being turned down by all the contests in which I took part. And no, that 99 call thing didn't work in my favor. I regretted it deeply next day

  6. Horror!!!
    I like your 55 fiction and congs for liebster :)
    Silly smiles...Take you miles :)

  7. Thank you...I love horror. Look, there is someone standing behind you :/


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