Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Love can happen for the stupidest of reasons

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When you fall in love if you ever fall in love, you may discover that love often happens for the stupidest of reasons. A girl may meet/court/date dozens of super-intelligent and super-handsome men but she will fail to fall in love with any of them, which is remarkably surprising since she should have ideally fallen in love with all of them. But in the end, when she does fall in love, she is so likely to fall in love with someone who has average brains and below-average looks. Quite often, it is a person’s stupidity and his vulnerability which make girls fall in love with them.

Earlier this week, one of my best friends got married. On her way to marriage, she had her share of relationships but she bypassed all those young and hunkier males to ultimately walk the aisle with someone who is 12 years older to her and is rather a quiet and unassuming sort of a person.

On personal front, I am currently violently in love with Ileana D’Cruz. And the reason why I fell in love with her in the first place is that she has crooked teeth.
Told ya, love can happen for the stupidest of reasons…..

~Ritesh Agarwal


  1. hehe ileana.. not a bad choice after all.. and yeah if we think about why we fell in love, we only end up finding some crazy reasons.. good one ratty :)

  2. Haven't you heard that love is blind?!!


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