Friday, March 14, 2014

Which colour best defines who you are

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When t2 recently asked this question, my face blanched for a moment, not knowing what to say.

But then I stared deep into the mirror, almost peeping into my reflection's soul only to discover that there is plenty of white in me (honesty, transparency and purity of soul to an extent..umm). I have always associated a bit of girlishness in me. So, a bit of pink also lurks somewhere. A bit of grey (okay, not as many as 50 shades perhaps) and perhaps a hint of black. Yellow, I am not sure. Green, definitely no. Blue, definitely yes. And I have never been fond of red, but who knows. Maybe with passage of time, I shall reveal my true colours to me.

Colourfully yours,
Ritesh Agarwal

PS- Now readers, which colour best defines you? Red, blue or black?


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    1. That reminds me of a silly line we had in our junior school days

      Yellow yellow dirty fellow :P

  2. Wow! Colours with meanings! Beautifl! Love 'em all! :)


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