Sunday, April 6, 2014

100 words: An unexpected visitor

Her rosy cheeks and straw-colored hairs were precisely as I had visualized them, yet I was appalled at the similarity.

“Who are you,” I spoke in a shaky voice. Her eyes were no longer the vulnerable pair of black balls I had envisaged earlier. They appeared demoniac and held me in a gaze so venomous that I shuddered.

She burst into a gurgle of devilish laughter. “You weren’t expecting me, were you? But I have come back from the dead.”

I was half-conscious of the fact that it was just a dream, but before I could recollect my thoughts, the knife was through my heart.

Her vengeance complete, she dissipated into the thin air.

I paid the price for having killed Samaira in my bestseller.

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[This story has been written for Write Tribe’s ‘100words on Saturday’]


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