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What are the Harry Potter stars up to?

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The bad news is that you have already read all the seven Harry Potter books and there’s little possibility of that unborn 8th. Of course, Harry Potter is the kind of book one can re-read tirelessly but that’s not entirely the same, although it does come pretty close to being the same.

The good news peeps is that there are 3 more films to look forward to. In what could be called a money-spinning super-strategy, the filmmakers and JK Rowling have dived into a new deal where the fans shall be ambushed by a trilogy based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

While this three-film deal will definitely keep the author and the directors working their broom off, let’s find out what our fav screen stars are up to.

Daniel Radcliffe, despite all the fame and love which came his way with the Potter franchise, had to gulp the bitter pills of criticism for being a mediocre talent. While critics were still aiming their darts at the poor young boy, our hero sprung to the stage and showed his talent (and err….much more) the harder way through live performances in Equus. A horror film and a couple of Broadways later, the boy-wizard seems to be making those same critics eat out of his hand. Clearly, he’s the Boy Who Lived

His partner-in-crime (and in everything else) Ron Weasley aka Rupert Grint has rather been maintaining a low profile. Though the British actor has appeared in a string of movies, none of them have made a stellar mark on the global circuit. But we know well that Ron is the kind of guy who always comes up with his heroics only when the chips are all down. So, when he does vroom into your nearest theatre some day, you dare not make him say, Huh, Always the tone of surprise  ;)

Of the trio, it is Emma Watson (alias Hermione Granger) who is sunning in limelight. While her post-Potter flicks The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Noah have been getting A-list releases, the now-turned-glam girl has also nailed her presence in male hearts (her nip slip video has made her a global wallflower, tee hee).

Ginny Weasley’s Bonnie Wright seems to have submerged herself entirely in Indie projects (she has been dabbling in production line) which may well be a good thing for her but isn’t helping her PR ratings. But a lot of guys, including me, find the long-legged red-lipped damsel lethally pretty and that’s reason enough to keep her on our Google priority list   ;)

Tom Felton (who essayed Draco Malfoy) seems to have lost a bit of his girlie fans and a lot of his golden manes. Tidbit roles in films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes have kept him in the news but we expect better for him in the future. Also, the Apple of our eye has a passion (and talent) for music and has been toying with a career in music for some time, though success still eludes him. We say, Accio Apple, oops…. Accio Success         :D

-Ritesh Agarwal
Twitter: RitzyChoclate


  1. thanks for the detailed news update.. was wondering where rupert vanished off

  2. You really are a die hard HP fan :)


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