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Book review 2 States- the story of my marriage

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Author: - Chetan Bhagat
Publication: - Rupa

[This review has been done as a guest post by blogger Rafaa Dalvi]

It would be fair to say that Chetan Bhagat after a couple of not so good books is back, although not with a bang. Apart from a change in name of the protagonist, this book continues from where “Five Point Someone” left. (Yes, this too is his life story!!) As with all his previous books, the prologue ensures that you stick to the book in order to find out how it came to be. Two IIMA grads, Krish and Ananya deeply in love with each other want to marry. However the catch is that Krish is a Punjabi whereas Ananya is a Tamilian and both the boy and girl want the blessings of both families before they tie the knot and both families are typically conservative to the core.  The five elements of Chetan Bhagat’s writing: - young and modern characters (IIT or IIM is an added bonus!), use of the F word during normal conversation, proposals (You’ll find four simultaneously!!), love story and a twist at the end, all are present in this book.

                 Although not famous for his literal capabilities, Bhagat ensures that with his ‘witty wordplay’ he brings a smile on your face quite a number of times as you read the book. The views of IIM boys about IIM girls, Krish’s first reactions on seeing the pictures of Ananya’s family, the arrival of Harsh at Ananya’s house, Krish’s second proposal are some of the places where as a reader you will enjoy. In addition to this, Krish and Ananya’s one liners throughout the book have been cleverly and aptly worded albeit with the use of profanity for the sake of it. Apart from this, the very contrasting cultures of Tamilians and Punjabis revives an age old rivalry between the north and south Indians adding healthy humour to the book and also giving an insight about India’s two most distinct cultures. With the help of two smart disclaimers at the beginning, the writer makes sure that he gets away with all the ridicule that he subjects Tamilians to. The obstacles that lovers have to face in India even today are blatantly portrayed in the book. It is indeed encouraging to see Krish and Ananya fighting for their love but not forgetting their families even for once.

              The book begins with a whirlwind romance wherein the characters meet, become friends, turn lovers, have sleepovers, sex, proposal,  get jobs in the first 40 pages itself. The progress from there on is fast but very predictable. Anyone familiar with bollywood would have no problems in predicting what happens next, except maybe for the last twist. The story will keep you fairly intrigued throughout but misses out on creating an overall impact or a lasting impression which “Five Point Someone” had successfully managed to do. The youth will certainly connect with the story and the fact that the book is priced at Rs. 95 surely makes it one-time read. Read it for entertainment, it’s definitely better than “One night @ call centre” and “3 mistakes of my life”. However it would suffice to say that you are not missing out on a literature masterpiece.
Rating- ***

PS: - The first page of the book goes…
This may be the first time in the history of books, but here goes:

Dedicated to my in-laws*
*which does not mean I am henpecked, under her thumb or not man enough

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