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Lady Chatterley’s Lover Review and critique by Ritesh

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Book: Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Author: DH Lawrence
Genre: Classic, romance, drama
Year of publication: 1928
Rating: 4 out of 5

Review: It is unfortunate if ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ has been side-brushed by some people as a pornographic novel. The theme of the story is loneliness. It is aloneness and not sex that has been depicted in its true naked glory (or un-glory). And after all, as I feel, one has to sometimes give in to his hormones.

Lady Chatterley is no different from me or from you in the fact that she is a human being who has her urges, her needs, and is perfectly entitled to getting subjugated by the malevolent powers of the hormones.

DH Lawrence is a master of words. It is frightening to see the way he manhandles words, as if he is their Lord and they his menials.

Due to the prudish nature of early 20th century, the book was considered an outright scandal and dismissed by many as a pornographic work. However, in ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, DH Lawrence also projects (albeit with subtlety) the divide between the ruling class and the working class. The snooty attitude of the ‘gentlemen’ and the silent resentment of the ‘worker’ have been portrayed to full effect.

But, by and large, the story is still about adultery committed by one Constance Chatterley (Connie) whose body (and soul) seeks refuge in the shabby hut of their gamekeeper, propelled perhaps by her sex-starved hormones, egged possibly by her crippled husband’s chauvinistic mindset and prodded certainly by her quest to quench her loneliness.

A reader may however feel a sense of sympathy and compassion towards the climax. It may appear to some that the right man has been wronged. But then the feeling of sympathy would still have arisen had the other man been wronged. That perhaps is the beauty of the story.

~Ritesh Agarwal

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