Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pimple, sense and sensibility

To begin with, I am not much of a pimple person. I have hardly sprouted half a dozen pimples over the years and they have been tolerably manageable since they do not explode all at a time. Truly, now when I come to think of it, I feel that I have been extremely blessed to have a face that does not share any admirable affinity with this dreaded round ball. Yet, on occasions when a stray pimple has come like an uninvited guest, growing shamelessly over a happy face, it has disrupted my day severely. Though at the back of the mind, one knows that a pimple, much like time, is evanescent and will go away soon, yet one has to acknowledge that its destructive power is undeniably supreme, again much like time. My face is not accustomed to living with a pimple and hence any sudden hijack by these unwanted devils makes me completely jumpy. My day gets troubled and my mind gets queasy. Going out of the house poses a huge mental challenge especially if such a going out entails an encounter with a woman of an agreeable denomination.

I recall an instance when I was so appalled at the rude arrival of an ugly pimple right at the outset of a date that I had tried to prick it using my talons. Unfortunately, I found that I possessed no talons and whatever nails I actually possessed could help me no more than a talon would have had. For pimples, I realized are like women- they must be handled with care, with sense and sensibility (credits: Jane Austen), softly, methodically and certainly not harshly. A cream or lotion was the need of the hour but since I stocked no such anti-pimple weapon, I had to make do with a regular cold cream. It would not quite serve the purpose since its job is not to kill the pimples but to warm the skin, yet it would somehow darken my fair-skinned face somewhat and help me to camouflage the pimple to an extent.

During one desperate day when a pimple rattled in out of the blue, I pressed it so hard that blood and pain began to ooze out. That was another instance when I realized that a pimple is really designed on similar lines to a woman. No matter how much you try to suppress them, you will fail, and the blood and pain will only be yours.

No, I am not trying to make any patriarchal statement and the similie is a marriage between jest and creativity, but there you are. I did my explaining and I am positive you too got the drift. Pimples are bossy, irritating and hard to get rid of- just like a girlfriend, which goes on to show why a girl and a pimple walk hand in hand.    :P 

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  1. Lol.. At least you said the truth, toh sprouted out imaginary pimples on my face to write this post.. *laughs uncontrollably* :P :D and hey! That 'girlfriends are like pimples' statement was so so mean!! >_< :P


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