Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sonnet II: A one-day crush

The withered flower once lush
Will stay withered till forever
Its life was never for ever
In death but, it impersonates my crush

That woman, made of the other clay
Not more not less but a day old
Trespassed borders, enclosed my heart within her fold
Not more not less only for a day

Heart I had none, and she toyed with two
The searing flame burnt, wasn’t anything new
Cupid gave a tip off, yet the heart flew
And then it came back, as if a returned loan
Was it returned really or returned on its own?
It loved for a day, the love never grew

[Sonnet number II with rhyme scheme abba cddc eeeffe]

-Ritesh Agarwal


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  2. Such talent! It's always delightful to read your work!!

  3. Hey Crystal. Thanks for being such a regular reader and welcome back. Hope you are doing good


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