Saturday, June 8, 2013

5 people I would like to connect through WeChat

WeChat is one of the hottest topics of discussion amongst the gadget geeks and the mobile freaks of today. This chatting application, which can be downloaded for free (using this link), offers users the congenial speed and convenience to talk to anyone and everyone!

Often, we lose ourselves in life and forget to socialize.

Remember these words of a great man:

 “Don’t let a person walk so far away that he walks too far away. Talk everyday”
~Ritesh Agarwal

Coming to me, if I could add only 5 people in my WeChat group, then these are the ones I would have added:

i.                    Albus Dumbledore: Albus Dumbledore, one of the central characters of Harry Potter series of books, is an incredibly sharp person of farsightedness, wisdom, knowledge and a knack for wit. Even though, Dumbledore is a fictional character, I am under awe of him.

Question I would like to ask him: “Sir, you on WeChat?? Is it real, or is it just happening inside my head?”  :O

ii.                  Albert Einstein: During my childhood, I always rooted for Isaac Newton (coz I was in love with his frothy hair style). But after flipping through Einstein’s biography and having learnt of his philanthropic nature, I have given the crown of “my favorite scientist” to this eccentric man with that toothbrush moustache. Again, he is one of those men whom you can talk for hours and days and years, without getting bored. It would be great to talk to him through WeChat.

Question I would like to ask him: “Sir, will you please teach me how to play the violin?”

iii.                Edgar Allan Poe: If there was no Edgar Allan Poe, then there would have been no Arthur Conan Doyle (since Doyle was inspired by Poe) and if there was no Doyle, then there would have been no Agatha Christie (since Christie was inspired from Doyle). So, one can say that Poe was indirectly the originator of Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. Besides, Poe is easily the best writer of horror stories I have ever come across. I would like to have him on my WeChat group.

Question I would like to ask him: “Edgar Sir, can you please go through my horror stories (published on this blog) and tell me if they are good enough? Your feedback and suggestions would be very valuable.”

iv.                 My parents: It may seem ironic, even unfortunate, but we often communicate the least with those who are the closest to us, in terms of geography. I often do not speak to my parents throughout the day, despite being present around them. Maybe, WeChat would bridge this distance. One can hope, one can pray!

Question I would like to ask them: “How are you ma, how are you pa”  

v.                   Myself: I often ruminate about my present prosaic life and wonder if I spend enough time with myself. In this grueling life, one has little time for himself. But reflection and introspection are extremely important. So, it would be nice to communicate with self, even if it is through some tech app like WeChat.

Questions I would like to ask myself: “Are you happy dear? When are you going to get a dog, you promised me a long time back? And you still haven’t got published. Will you ever take your story-writing seriously?”

So, this goes out to all the readers. Please download WeChat app from here and start socializing. You can learn more about it by checking out its catchy YouTube trailer, here.

[This post has been written for the “WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere” contest in association with WeChat and IndiBlogger.]


  1. Albus dumbledore is one person i would love to talk to :D I've had imaginary conversations with him :D
    Good one :D
    Love your blog :D
    And Good luck for the contest :D

  2. I love your question to Albus Dumbledore. Interesting post.. looks like you are all set to win more prizes this time, Rats.. all the very best..:)

    1. More prizes??

      I hve never won any IndiBlogger contest! :'(
      Read my bucketlist! In the "memoirs" label

    2. more in the sense.. already you have written it so well with your gourmet dish varieties. and now again.. surely u gonna get noticed this time. all the best Rats :p :p

    3. :p

      *need your blessings, o Goddess of Rodent*

  3. wow! cool list...i especially loved the last two people on your lists! ^_^
    WeChat would make it easier to communicate with our parents when we are out of town,isn't it? :) And ourselves...isn't that the one person we always take for granted?? ^_^
    Good luck with the contest.

    1. Yes, it's important that you find yourself in the crowd. One can so easily get lost, na *muses* :O


  4. This is too much Ritesh! What a telepath you are! As soon as i heard of the contest, the first person who came in my mind was 'Albus dumbledore'--n here u have written the same too! :D
    ha ha :D well anyways just loved your post to the core! That piece about chatting with yourself was great! One really needs to communicate with one's own self! All the best :)

  5. Thankss....yaa, i peeped into your mind and read your thoughts... hee hee haa *evil laugh* :P

  6. Interesting people to talk to. You have written it in a profound way. Simple messages of life are hidden in it. Btw talking to myself I would love to do more often.
    And the words from the great man was inspiring and compels us to talk everyday ;)

    All the best for contest!!

  7. Great entry! Loved the question posed to Dumbledore! I considered including him too, but didn't in the end. And loved the last person in your list! There's never enough time for self reflection :D Link to my post!

  8. Thanksss Pooja ^_^

    Avada Kedavra :/


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