Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rejected I feel :'(

So, the latest news from my side is that Srishti Publishers (which leapt to prominence after the runaway success of ‘I too had a love story) has rejected my proposal for a novel based on around two hundred “55 word stories”.

I emailed them the synopsis of my idea and 8 sample stories (all of them are presently published on this blog- their titles being ‘Clouded’, ‘The Smell’, ‘The Hand’, ‘The White Pearl’, ‘I hate teas and coffees’, ‘The first prayer of my life’, ‘The guava tree’ and ‘The black-n-white photo’).

I had received extremely encouraging comments from fellow bloggers.

Saru had said “You truly rock this genre. Haven’t read anyone as good as you.”

MySay had recently commented, “You are good. No wonder they call you the ‘King of 55ers’. “

And so on…..

But this is what Srishti Publishers had to say in its email which I gloomily read and reread and re-reread last evening:

“Dear Ritesh,
We have gone through your synopsis and sample work meticulously. Unfortunately it doesn't, at present, fit into our publishing schedule. We wish you all the best with your current book and would look forward to work with you for some other project in the future.
Thanks for your interest and faith in Srishti.

Editorial, Srishti Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi”

This is the latest rejection in a series of rejections inflicted over my poor, hapless soul over the last month. :’(
I recently failed to make it to the HarperCollins’ list of 10 winners selected from that ‘Get Published’ contest (run by IndiBlogger) and failure to win that contest is akin to a rejection. Isn’t it?

Now, I wonder what I do
Do I give up or do I continue
My dreams gather dust
My thoughts threaten to rust
I am running out of age
Frustrated, despondent, my soul is kindled in rage
Yet my heart tells me, ‘You are not to quit’
Fire your words with passion, arm your writing with wit
Persevere, get better, learn more and be brave
Life is about lessons, you graduate in your grave

~Ritesh Agarwal, a would-be author  

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  1. Hi,
    First time here and read few of your posts now.
    My comment:
    Yes! you do write well
    And don't get dejected by rejections.They are the first step for many writers. You might learn on the process and so do keep writing - a small suggestion from a fellow writer :)

  2. Arre bachhe! Kya hua! This is all going to happen a million times. Its the fact that you have the strength to continue that you shouldn't let go! And as you have so clearly shown the trend the rejections define the road to success. So be it! I am sure you would go ahead and become the Amitav ghosh of our times and then us little bloggers would line up for an autograph. Nothing is easy and if its easy then its surely not worth it :)


  3. Ohhooo don't be so gloomy about it. I know how rejection feels, but look at it positively. I know you want to be published, so don't give up your dream. You write well and your fellow mates agree to. The right time, the right moment will come your way. Till then spread smiles through your work and when the moment comes we shall rejoice okay?

    So stiffen up! Write. Don't be sad. Believe in yourself. Coz we all believe in you! :)

  4. keep sending mails..
    one day.. my friend :)
    you'll post the acceptance letter over here only !!

  5. Hi Ritesh,
    first of all, stop feeling so bad for yourself. You'll realize one day, rejection letter are the stepping stones to success :) Continue writing...every one of us have got rejection letters. I noticed that you mentioned in an image Jack Canfield got rejected 123 times before Chicken Soup for the Soul was taken on by a publisher. This publisher in fact wrote him a cheque for a million dollars and put a smiley next to it. :) Do you know how he got there? ^_^
    Believe in yourself. Stop feeling down. Treat the rejection letter as a sign from the Universe. Better things are coming your way. There are loads of publishing houses in India. This isn't the only one.
    Whenever God closes the door, somewhere He opens another :)
    Keep the faith and keep writing.

    1. I shall keep the faith....thanks dear for wriitng such a long comment

  6. Send in your ideas to every publisher you can. It is easier said than done...facing repeated rejections in the hope of the final golden yes that is.
    And photography is a hobby..filming is a passion..glad to hear you appreciate my camera skills.
    Keep calm and carry on.

  7. Only one thing to say..Don't give up never ever in life...

  8. Rejections? I have plenty. They don't bother me much I still keep writing.

    Keep writing friend! :)

  9. Dont worry my friend.
    You will make it one day!

  10. No amount of rejection letters is worth giving up writing. Publishers have their own agenda, their commercial criteria, whatever.

    Just brush it off and go on! All the best. From someone who knows what is is to be rejected by publishers too :)

    1. yes nilanjana.....thanks dear...i would keep it in mind


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