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DesiDime Review: 7 reasons why to shop from DesiDime

If you are one of those social pariahs who does not shop online (even in this era), then this post is not meant for you. But if you are a sane rational-minded person who picks up a lot of things (be it books, dresses, mobiles, tablets, pens or even pizzas) online, then DesiDime is a website you must check out instantly (and I bet you’re going to bookmark it).

DesiDime has been making a lot of noise in the online circuit and chances are that you may have already heard a bit about it (when you tried to eavesdrop on two shopaholics’ conversations).

But if you haven’t, then here is what it’s all about: To keep it brief, let us say that DesiDime is a web portal which hunts down the best deals and puts them at one place. Thus, you won’t have to search for them amidst hundreds of sites and you won’t miss out on the best bargain.

For instance, if you are looking to buy a Nikon camera of a specific model, then can find out the list of websites which are quoting the lowest prices for it. Instead of individually wading through Flipkart, HomeShop18, IndiaPlaza (and scores of other sites) to check the discounts, you can simply head to DesiDime and find out the prices quoted by all your favorite shopping sites.

In addition, DesiDime has a lot more going for it. Let me present it in an orderly manner since it will help you understand better (besides, my favorite Hercule Poirot would chide me hard if I don’t follow ‘order and method’ as he so always insists). So, here are 7 reasons why you must check out DesiDime:

i.                    To find out the lowest price: As explained above, whether you are buying a 50k camera or whether you are looking for a 200 ka cheap chappal, you can find the lowest available price in internet at DesiDime. In this context, DesiDime scores over Google since the latter piles up hundreds of websites before you, but the former recommends certain handpicked and genuine sites.

ii.                  To get coupons: We all scour the net for coupons, right? Since you know that you will be splurging on that favorite bedsheet or would be pampering your baby with a new toy or would gift a Goa holiday to your spouse, so it makes sense to get them at lower prices. It is a nice feeling when you are told that you will be getting a flat Rs 300 off on a purchase of Rs 1500. At this link, you can find such coupons for a host of popular sites including Snapdeal, First Cry, Lenskart, Naaptol, BabyOye, eBay, Homeshop18, IndiaTimes,,, Tradus,, InfiBeam, Zansaar and even

iii.                Getting Popular Deals: In case you are undecided and not sure which deal sounds the best, then this section called Popular Deals shall tell you which are the most coveted buys this season. Take that- 70% off on shoes! Or, how about 40% off on Apparels and Accessories from InkFruit!

iv.                 Buying those small little things at throwaway prices: When you come across such discounts and deals, you know that they are applicable only on those expensive gadgets and gizmos! Right? But no, wait, here using this deal, you can grab a Fevicol paste (original price is Rs 10) at just Rs 3. Similarly, using this link, you can buy an Eveready battery at just Rs 5 (which would cost you Rs 11 in your local store). And if you have kids or if you yourself are a kid needing gel pens on an everyday basis, then check this out- All you pay for that stylish gel pen is just Rs 3 (instead of the usual Rs 10). Buy in bulk and you can save in bulk!

v.                   Browse your favorite store: In case, you are a Flipkart loyalist or like to book your tickets only from Expedia, then DesiDime also gives you the option to browse deals and discounts on your favorite stores. Use this thread and filtration gets so easy! Also, you can browse through product ‘category’ and even through ‘Your City’!

vi.                 Get daily deals through emails: If you fall in love with some of these deals (and you would fall in love, indeed), then you can simply submit your email ID and receive notifications for fresh daily deals. You can subscribe through email here. Two more reasons why you should sign up-

1.      You get Rs 50 for signup
2.      You win exciting gifts by giving back to community

vii.               To gobble down pizzas: Don’t tell me that you don’t love pizza (really, you need to get a life)! Unless you are some alien who hates to put pizza into his/her waiting mouth, this offer is going to make you salivate. To quote a top dialogue- “I’m going to make you an offer you cannot refuse”! How about eating 2 pizzas for the price of one? Yes, it translates into ‘eating 10 pizzas at the price of 5’! And into ‘eating 20 pizzas at the price of 10’ (in case, you REALLY love pizzas)! Here, I scoop out another delicious link where you can grab Rs 600-worth of Dominos pizza at just Rs 300. (Umeed se duguna  ^_^)!

So, with such delectable offers and deals, it would be fair to say that DesiDime is fast turning out to be India’s largest shopping community. But like I said at the onset, if you are one of those rare breeds who doesn’t shop online, then this site is not for you (I wonder why you even bothered to read this whole thing  :O

PS- You can also check out what popular fashionista Bushra has to say about this site here- 'Shop Smart Online With DesiDime'.  


  1. I haven't caught on to online shopping yet! Good info given though.

  2. I'm sure you would come back to this post in the future ^_^

  3. I have checked DesiDime and its worth all praises as you mentioned Ritesh ... it indeed is a collection of best of lot.
    to be honest , i have had a bad experience with atleast 3 online shopping marts and hence I have become very selective . Best Deals do not always end up being a best way of dealing with it online !!
    Nicely reviewed 10 points for that brother !!

  4. good intro for that site..i guess you covered up almost all the elements.. nice review, rats :)

  5. Wow! Awesome is the word! Beautiful review Ritesh! I am so happy to see this post on your blog :D You have reviewed the website so beautifully :)

    BTW: When i read that piece 'popular fashionista' trust me i flew in the air :P ha ha :D Thanks :)

  6. Half the credit goes to you....i used information from your beautiful it's only fair that i put your link there..besides, i prefer to hunt in group :)

  7. im a big fan and addicted user of desidime myeself!!great review :)


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