Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sachin, I hate you...

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I hate you, not because you made me cry today, but because you abandoned me.

I hate you, not because you walked along with me for 17 years, but because you walked out of my life today, so suddenly, so brutally and so hurtingly.

When I met you for the first time in 1996, I was barely 10. But a few minutes with you and I felt that you're the one made for me, you're the one who shall journey alongside me towards the other end of my life. And I wasn't wrong. Like a true angel, you shed light on my path as you travelled beside my side, never abandoning me even for a moment; being the only constant in my life in all my smiles, my tears, my failings and my feats.

I thought that we were meant to be together, for eternity, for ever, for as long as my existence would continue. But no. Today, you let go of my hands, those same hands which you had first held when they were very tiny and the ones which have grown under your comforting grasp in all these 17 years. How could you be so cruel, so merciless, so indifferent as to crush that very soul whose every breath was uttered for you, whose every beating of the heart owed its music to you, whose every true smile was indebted to your presence, your happy presence, your constant and unwavering presence, come rain or snow.

I hate you, not because of the smiles you spread over me (within me) every time you wielded your magic wand, but because of the ruthless way you wiped them off every time you put your wand down.

I hate you, not because you journeyed with me for 17 long years, but because you never told me that your journey shall end much before mine, and that I shall have to traverse the final years of it without you, on my own, without those smiles and tears I had got accustomed to, without that magic wand which had become a part of my journey, without the beating of my heart, without your presence, your happy presence, your constant and unwavering presence, come rain or snow.........

Hate you (Always)

Yours (Always)


  1. I really liked your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can visit the link to complete the procedure.

    1. Divya, thank you so much....i really liked the fact that you like my blog...the feeling is mutual you know

  2. Ye kya emotional hogaye bhayi...:/ Anyways, nice letter to Sachin..n you have met Sachin?..Awww!..[smiles]
    Sachin or no Sachin I am least worried! :P

  3. An Cricketing Era Ends...But he will always remain in our Heart for the down to earth nature and for what he has given to India and Indian Cricket..

  4. a lovely tribute Ritesh..
    he deserves it all :)

  5. a wonderful tribute to show how much he means to you. emotional!

  6. Ritesh Jii you are one of the biggest fans and friends of Sachin... it is really great tribute to Sachin...


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