Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Which is the worst TV show you have watched?

The bizarre thing about we Indians is that sometimes we stay glued to even those soaps which we know are bland and stupid, and to even those reality shows which everybody knows are bland and stupid.

One of the worst shows to come out in recent times was Ekta Kapoor's take on Mahabharata a couple of years back. Despite a starry lineup, it fizzed out soon and went off air midway.

Shahrukh Khan's game show in which he anchored a sports feature (i don’t even remember the name of that show and I am sure SRK himself wouldn't even remember the name or anything of that show) is another worst and hyped thing to surface and evaporate on the Indian telly.

So dear readers, any TV show you would like to point out in this regard? 

Ritesh Agarwal


  1. There was Govinda's game show - Chappar phad ke and Salman's Dus ka dum!

    1. Haha, yes I used to watch that Govinda wala stuff...But i think 'sawaal dus crore ka' was worse

  2. Firstly, I am in LOVE with your new template! Tempted!
    ....and secondly, I don't watch TV much, but I have heard this seasons Big Boss's the worst!

    1. thanks bush...bus ek simple plain sa rakha hai...

      Ya, I have heard the same...I don't watch it anymore though


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