Saturday, January 11, 2014

My 4 New Year Resolutions

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I intend to read a few classics (Lady Chatterley's lover, Catch21, Mein Kemph and others) that have been sitting neglected on my shelf for quite a few days.

I also resolve to backup my data in a pen drive though deep down I know it is a very shaky resolution and the one least likely to stand an entire year.

Last year (2013), I got published. And even though it helped me tick one off my bucket-list, it was just an anthology with my contribution being a forgettable story of one page. This year, I pledge to get my own book finished, though I will have to make sure that I do not let any sort of leniency or complacency creep into my system.

And the most important of all, I have resolved to restart eating tomatoes at night.

Promisingly yours,
Ritesh Agarwal


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