Thursday, January 2, 2014

Writing is easy, writing is hard

To a writer, writing is not necessarily a walk in the park. The so-called writer’s block manifests itself during times when the brain shows its adamant side and refuses to let go of any of those dozens of good words it houses.

But then there are times when writing seems to be the easiest task in the world. The brain suddenly seems so full of words and it generously dispenses with them, abandoning its recalcitrant behavior and lending you the very word you were looking for. During these happy times, millions of words and dozens of plots seem to chase each other inside the brain. On certain occasions, the brain releases thoughts at such a furious pace that you have to type at a reckless speed so as to keep pace with your thoughts and for fear that your thoughts may outrun you and you may lose them all.
But like a dewdrop, these moments are transient too, and soon enough, writing turns hard again.

~Ritesh Agarwal


  1. agree with every word you've written here :) Its so much like phases that happen..

  2. Yes, you never know when the thoughts translate to words easily and sometimes they refuse to come in the form of words. :-)

  3. I think it's a perpetual cycle between the two :)


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