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An Interview with Preeti Singh, author of Flirting with Fate

Preeti Singh- Author of 'Flirting with Fate'

Author Preeti Singh's debut novel 'Flirting with Fate' (you can read my review here) came across as boldly impressive for unfolding some intricate layers of the  human mind. The book and a few months of warm friendship later, here I drum up an interview with the prized lady. This also marks the first edition of the blog's new section called 'Just a few words'.

Q 1. How did you come up with the story idea?

Answer:  Penning down a crime novel was never on the cards as I am a diehard romantic but a chance meeting with a stranger in a train triggered off the idea. As I mentioned in the Preface of my book, he gave birth to the concept of ‘Flirting With Fate’ and I gave shape to a gripping thriller.

Q2. Where and when do you like to write?

Answer: Ooops ! Tricky question! Well, I prefer to snuggle up on my bed, lie down lazily and scribble my best. And the mess on the bed, along with Amber Singh (Fluffy) sprawled with me, adds shape to my creativity coz then I just see my words, rest all is blurred. The second place I prefer to go when I desire a change is my little office I made with mother’s old sarees and little creative embroidery I made, adorning the walls. It’s my den where I prefer to lock myself up once in a while and cut off from all household responsibilities…just my lappy, my ideas, my characters and me.

Q3. What is your least favorite part of the writing process?

Answer: Writing is easy as the thoughts just spill from the heart onto paper, but the editing process is most painstaking. There is always a tug of war between the grammar suggested by MS word and what I wish to write in my own conversational style! And the truth remains till the manuscript is finally not under the printing machine, one keeps editing here and there.

Q4. What technology do you use for writing?

Answer: Hehe…not my brains in the least, just my heart. Jokes apart, I prefer writing on my laptop as I have given up improving my lousy handwriting.

Q5. Are the names of the characters in your novels important for you?

Answer: Flirting With Fate was my debut novel and the names I had chosen were kind of orthodox as the book was based in the eighties. But my forthcoming novel’s characters are real people from various cities of India, with their real names. In my day to day life they helped me when my moods were low, helped me laugh and tide over issues, so they earned their place in my book with their original names. Like me, they too are equally excited for this book to release and my lips are sealed who the special few are…you gotta stay tuned in!! Oh yes, they are very important to me….I would call them my little book family, eternally bonded and interwoven by words.

Q6. How much of your novel is inspired from real life?
Answer: No matter who the author is, some teeny weeny part of one’s life does seep into every novel he/she writes. So it happened in my case as well. The ones who know me, easily identified some characters’ aspects as a part of me, while the rest they agreed was purely imaginative and fictional.

Q7. Which is one author/blogger whom you really respect/envy?

Answer:  Lols…Ritesh, am gonna butcher you in my next novel!! Well…I stopped reading books long ago but one book which is always by my bedside and I pick it up each time I lose direction is ‘The Power Of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, a theme which spells what I also say…all we have is NOW, coz kal ho na ho
 The only Indian author who I really respect as a human being and an awesome writer is Bhavya Kaushik, the author of the bestselling novel ‘ The Other Side Of The Bed’: the only book I have read from beginning till the last word, honestly speaking.
I am in awe of all bloggers as it’s certainly not easy to read a book and review it with complete justification, ensuring not to criticize the author as well as give a balanced review to the readers. This is a field I am terrified to venture into as judging someone’s talent needs guts, which I lack! The one blogger who does this job with apt justice is Abhilash Ruhela who is honest in his reviews and his relation with any author does not deter his reviews often read by bollywood stars as well.
That apart, Ritesh, I am truly humbled to be the first one to be interviewed on your blog so my affection, hugs and blessings come in your quota. Sealed, full and final !

Q8. On a personal level, which is your favorite dish?

Answer: Slurp Slurp !! Now am hungry ! Well u asked a Punjabi so the answer is inevitable…simply rajma chaawal J But anything cooked with ingredients of hygiene and loads of love, stays on me forever ( pun intended ! )

A bit more about her

Preeti Singh is a professional writer based at Panchkula, Chandigarh. She is qualified with an MA(Eng), PGJMC ( Journalism and Mass comm.) and a B.Ed degree along with being an army wife and a school teacher for 14 years.
After working as a Chief Editor with Amity University, Noida for some time, she ruffled up her forte’ of writing for Indian magazines like Woman's Era, Homemaker and Femina and featured articles in leading newspapers, as well.
Being a full-time mother to her teenage daughter, she has accomplished herself through her website
Writing being her inherent passion, she believes in expressing her life's experiences through words. Believing in living for now, she lives her life to the fullest, with a motto that, we reap what we sow, which is the central theme of her exciting, debut thriller, “FLIRTING WITH FATE”
When she is not writing, she is listening to music, embroidering, camping with friends or cuddling her dog, who is an important, inquisitive, humorous and interesting character in the book!!

The Fan-connect:
She can be connected on her her facebook profile at
Or on Twitter at .
Also,  join her on her fan page at as soon as possible as Preeti Singh believes…LIVE NOW…LOVE NOW…coz kal ho na ho !!


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