Saturday, January 11, 2014

5-line love story: Rita and Rochester

When Rita came into my life, I had no inkling that she would snatch my love from me. I loved Rochester more than she could ever fathom and more than she ever would. Could she really appreciate the depth of my attachment for him, I am sure Rita would have never taken him out of my life. I remember how I underwent a strong pang of fright and jealousy when I first saw her eyeing his picture in my bedroom. And then Rita borrowed that book never to return it and my first and last love got lost and buried in the yellowed pages of Jane Eyre.

[Written for BlogAdda's WOW. The theme for WOW this time is that your post must contain the word 'love' and you have just five sentences to finish your story. Go on, this time be creative and come up with an impressive post!]


  1. Wonderful ! I really do appreciate this extraordinary take on the prompt !

  2. Lovely... I love my books and their protagonists too :P

  3. This is reallly wonderfully written! :D
    Cheers x

    1. Thanks Nirati......... looks like you are a Potter fan

  4. your girlfriends are gonna hate you for this :)

  5. Na, the protagonist here is a girl.... not me :)

  6. hey Rats. this one is awesome. very well written. :)


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