Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Haunting Love

The rippling Black lake looked surreal and inviting as she stood on its edge in profound silence. She had never witnessed a more beautiful evening in her 4 years at Hogwarts. Hermione threw back her bushy hair and gazed heavenwards. The dying sun had painted the horizon in a hue of colors and the Forbidden Forest in the vicinity had a tinge of gold amidst its usual green. Cool watery breeze caressed her face and she closed her eyes shut soaking in the ethereal beauty.
What Hermione did not know was that she was not alone…she was being watched. A tall, pale boy was observing her with stealthy eyes from close quarters. Hermione turned to go as Draco Malfoy emerged out from the shadows of dense bushes. A moment of uncomfortable silence followed as her cold gaze met his calculating eyes.
“Err… hello,” murmured Malfoy.
“Malfoy! Ha, you know what! You look a sorry figure without your two big cronies,” scoffed Hermione.
“You don’t sound right, Malfoy! Looks like you have learnt some politeness or is it some trick of yours….Ha….well, anyways…,” smirked Hermione as she turned to go.
“Hey wait, I…err….I need to tell you something…..umm…..something important.”
“Well, out with it then,” she shot back.
“Err…ya…Umm…You remember how you slapped me that day…In our third year…well, umm…It still echoes in my ears…, Draco laughed slightly. “And well….I realize that I was wrong….and I should not have fought with you…and….And you…. you are not mudblood…. And and…I have got one more thing to say……I well, need to confess something…err…..” There was an awkward hesitation in his voice; something very uncharacteristic of him and Hermione was quick to spot that.
“What confession,” she asked narrowing her eyes with a hint of suspicion.
“Hermione…Hermione…..Harry just confessed something to me… He fancies Moaning Myrtle…come quickly,” said Ron breathlessly as he ran in.
“Haha what rubbish…. Let’s see….Ouch…Ron, you are crushing my fingers,” smiled Hermione as Ron took her hand. Without another glance at Draco, she walked away with her close friend.
Draco numbly watched the two going towards the castle……going…. going……gone.
He stood there staring fixedly at their figures getting smaller and smaller….now just two little dots…two happy dots. He felt lost and hardly registered the fact that it had begun to drizzle. Heavy drops of rain that fell on his face faithfully mingled with the two streaks of tears.
He was soaking by the time he realized that he had been stupidly standing there when everybody else was inside their warm common rooms. He picked up his sopping robes and began to run through small puddles of water…. Suddenly, the heavens opened up, clouds exploded in a thunderous roar…there was a blinding flash of lightning and a pale man woke up with a jolt some 20 years later.
“Dad, what happened….You are sweating dad…Did you have a nightmare, dad?” asked Scorpius.
“I’m… alright, son…. It was just…,” Draco murmured with a heavy breath.
“Did you have a nightmare, Dad?”
“Nightmare? Oh… no! It was a dream…..just a dream…..yeah, it was really…..just a dream….my dream.”



  1. Oh my gosh! Nice take on HP! :)

  2. Sorry if I didn't get it right...Was it a nightmare of Draco Malfoy's dad that his son loved a mudblood??

    1. No...It wasn't Draco Malfoy's dad. It was Draco Malfoy only....20 years later....the scene with Hermione has been narrated as a flashback. Draco is haunted by this unrequited, unfulfilled love for the past 20 years. The child at the end is Draco's son (from his wife Astoria Greengrass) named Scabior.

  3. Awww Dramione :D ... Gud one this is really. Post the same at our page as HC rats... awesome this is :)

    1. Ginny, I had posted this on the page...a few weeks back...It's their on the 'Notes' section.

    2. Ritesh, I've mentioned it already a few months back.. It's Scorpius and not Scabior :D


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