Thursday, March 8, 2012

Remembering Steve Irwin

Stephen Robert "Steve" Irwin (22 February 1962- 4 September 2006)

   After saying goodbye to my night-duties of Facebook, I have gone back to TV. And what better than my favourite ‘Animal Planet’ to spend the final hour before collapsing to the bed! Past Sunday, as I tuned into ‘Channel 19’ (which is the auspicious number housing my bestest ‘Animal Planet’), I was greeted by the ever-smiling face of Steve Irwin. Also known as the much-loved ‘Crocodile Hunter’, Steve passed away following a tragic accident on 4th September, 2006. It’s so ironic that the man who dedicated his entire life fighting for the rights of reptiles & birds got killed by a sting ray. Several sting rays were reported dead following his tragic demise (result of a public wrath), but the great man, himself, wouldn’t have wished for such a vengeance.

It was 12 midnight and Steve effortlessly got me engrossed into his show. The more I watched….the more I wondered! His smile was so infectious, his presence was so revitalizing; it was hard to believe that the man is no more…..that he left us over 5 years back. Watching him on the TV screen looked so real, and so ‘live’. Was he really dead? Yes perhaps, but only to those who have never seen his shows, never watched him cuddle a cub, never admired his effervescence, never saw him risking his own life to rescue an ailing alligator, never saw him hug a baby bear, and certainly never saw him weep over a dead crocodile! 

To me and to his fans, and perhaps, even to you, he is still not dead. How can he be, when the entire animal kingdom is facing a dubious future? How can he be, when the tigers are being skinned and the crocodiles being hunted? Only he had the right to hunt them down, not to kill, but to love! The ‘Crocodile Hunter’ lives on…..The Messiah of our jungle-friends, certainly, wouldn't leave before fulfilling all his promises…..
Steve Irwin (22 February 1962- 4 september 2006  Present)

I switched off the TV. A tear trickled down my face…..Was it a tear of sorrow, or of dejection, or of some eternal ecstasy? I wondered as I sank into a quicksand of emotions…..


  1. Crikey! I kinda miss the guy too... He was a great man but I admire his daughter Bendi for carrying out his legacy. Thanks for sharing your post. I'm now following you. Hope to see more soon! Check out my blog sometimes..:)

    1. Hi Crystal. Yes, his daughter herself is a bubble of energy..She's so sweet. It's so unfortunate that she lost her beloved dad at such an early age...

      PS- Yes, I am about to check your blog. Thanks for following me :)

    2. She is very sweet and I like how she always talks about her dad..she lets the world know that he was the best. I lost my dad too at a pretty young I know the feeling. Thanks for checking my blog out as well. I'm just a little bit of everything there...glad to have you as a follower..and a friend. I'll be looking forward to hearing more from you...through your eyes. :)Have a blessed day!

    3. Thanks Crystal. There was a post about Mother Teresa in your blog. I went through it though for some reason, couldn't comment. Are you from Calcutta?

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You Ridx :)
      That's a very rare complement.

  3. I LOVED him too!! I mean, who else can make the jungle as interesting on TV as it really is?

    1. Yes Revacious...The very fact that you came all the way to my blog speaks for the fact that you loved him...rather, love him. He's not dead, is he?


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