Friday, March 23, 2012

When the Tap runs Dry

Today morning, I woke up to a dry day. No, I am not talking of beer or rum. I am not addicted to wine. Rather, I’m addicted to obsessed with water. So much so that when I cut myself last week while shaving, you-know-what oozed out of the cut region (Hint: It wasn’t blood). By the way, I like to sport a stubble and can be lethargic when it comes to shaving. And at times, I don’t shave for weeks! And my face gets really hairy during those times like a Hagrid or a Dumbledore. And….oh gosh, you are now making me divert from the original and far more important subject. So today in the morning, I found, to my intense horror, that the tap had gone dry.
I felt helpless….as if marooned on a far-away desert with nowhere to go. In my feverish anxiety to look for an oasis, I ran towards the kitchen hoping for a happily running tap there. But alas, it was a mirage.
 I cried aloud demanding public attention. I prayed to Almighty to quickly fix the problem or tear apart the Earth for me to sink in like Goddess Sita. And I was about to call the police when my conscience pulled me back. Prudence & common sense won over frenzied madness as I realized that calling the police would only be a waste of their and, more importantly, my time. I needed to call the KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation). Balance was low. I gave a missed call but the bastards didn’t call back. Huh!
You may be wondering why does a waterless environment bother me so much? Let yourself be known that I have something like an extra dry skin which needs watering every hour. Also, I have bouts of head-rushes due to which I have to wash my face & head throughout the day. In short, I have a strong affinity towards water. Water & I share a great chemistry (even in the absence of a catalyst). I vividly remember how the tap went dry 2 winters ago and I had to empty the icy water-bottles from the refrigerator in that frigid weather conditions. I can brave the chill, I can pay for doctor’s bill; but nothing can keep me away from water for a very long. After all, me & water have vowed to stay together….till death do us part. Amen……..!


  1. haha.. :P . chill and doctor's bill :D. funny timing with rhyming. :D

  2. LOL, sorry to hear about the problems with the tap...hope they get the water back on soon for ya!

    1. Haha..The condition is not as bad as I made it look :D

  3. THe next great wars will probably be over water. It is a pity that the great symbols of human development, the huge built up areas of government offices, universities, airports, stations, parks, stadiums, and public roads are not used for water harvesting. I am obsessive about water too, and Hyderabad summers mean regulated water supply in most areas, so here I am sitting at work, but my ears and my heart are waiting to hear the sound of the water supply coming on. :)


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