Friday, July 12, 2013

55 word story: The Perfect Road Trip

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SUV was ready.
I scanned through my luggage. Had I boarded everything?

Rucksack- check
Laptop- check
Headphone- check
Adaptors- check
Books- check

Yes, everything! Perfect!

Yet I felt discontented. Something bothered me.
Was I taking myself?

Struck by an epiphany, I unloaded all items. I drove away alone; with myself, into those laughing mountains. 

[A perfect road trip is one which makes you discover yourself. This post is my entry for the IndiBlogger contest held by Ambi Pur. For more information about the brand, kindly checks its Facebook page Ambi Pur India]

~Ritesh Agarwal


  1. well said ritesh!!
    time spent with himself is the best time one's life!!

  2. Woohoo! Awesome! A beautiful msg given Ritzy! :) Loved your entry :)

  3. I wish I got to go on such a road trip all by myself!

  4. sometimes we are so much engrossed in our sorroundings that we ignore the important stuff..

    1. yup....simplicity is far more complex than anything else

  5. That is so true. Good luck Ritesh :)

  6. A good one :) indeed a perfect road trip is to discover yourself and that can be done when you are all the way with your true self :) All the best :)

  7. a trip to discover oneself.. wonderful attempt.. all the very best ratty :)

  8. this is what you call using your strength at the right place !! You are one of the best in 55 and well utilized in the contest ! Short crisp and fabulous !
    Nice one Ritesh Sir


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