Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My 4 am friend

(Reproducing a complement I posted for Kirthi Severus on a Facebook Group called 'Spammers')

I happened to lose my way and stumbled onto posts which made me discover, what I should have known all along, that you Spammers are celebrating what you have dubbed as a Complement's Week.

I would start with Kirthi Severus who happens to be my first friend from the HP society. I remember how she would be there all the time, even at 3 am, when I was conducting my furious sessions of quiz on 'Harry Potter Flows in my Blood' way back in 2011. She had developed this relentless obsession to ensure that Gryffindors win the House Cup (which was a monthly thing) at all cost, even at the expense of her sleep and of my peace of mind. She was there all the time to see to it that the Lions win all the major quizzing sessions. So much so that, she gave me an impression that the Gryffindors were having an unfair advantage by having her patrolling the corridors of my page 24/7, and so much so that I began to hate Gryffindors and renamed them as Phlegms.

But, that apart, Kirthi (who was soon to be renamed 'Potter') and me developed a very strong friendship which blossomed into round-the-clock texts. I would wake up to her text saying 'Good morning' and chat my way till the evening and till the night and till the dawn before finally saying 'good night' and sleeping again, only for the entire process to be repeated the next day.

Thus, I nicknamed her as my 4-am friend.

She is now got engaged and would soon be lost in the whirlpool of marital life. It is a happy-sad moment for me. Happy coz, being her best friend that I am, I am expected to be happy. Sad because now I won't be able to call/text/disturb her at 4 am. Sigh! Life is like that only.

~Ritesh Agarwal


  1. finding friends online and becoming best buddies are really nice. and this post is one nicer way of complementing/dedicating to your 4 am friend. :)

    1. Ya and i am glad that u rat are one such great online friend :)

  2. Aww! That was a Touching tale...

  3. That is sweet and her name suits her, in fact you both. Wish her a happy married life.

  4. Thanks Saru... I would pass on your wishes to her.

  5. congratulations to her :)
    yeah.. I'd repeat again..
    Life is like that.

  6. thanks for your wishes. Yup, life is so so unpredictable...and at times so cruel :'(


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