Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Published ^_^

My short story is titled 'Love in the Times of War'

I finally got published.

It's not much coz this is just an anthology with contributions from several authors. Besides, my story is barely 400 words long and accords me no more than one page. Still, it's important for me. I wanted to see my name in the world of literature. Granted, that the publisher is no Penguin or Harper Collins, but this is something which I would lap up for the moment.

Cover pic of 'Lovelets' which got me published

I don't quite like the concept of self-publicity. So, I would refrain from posting any link which coerces you to buy the book.
If you do wish to buy the book (coz you are an incorrigible bookaholic), then leave behind your query and I would get back to you.


Ritesh, a published author    ^_^

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  1. Hearty congratulations on being published!!!

    Way to go!!

  2. Many many congratulations, ratty.. good going.. :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! *hooooray* *dances in excitement* Well done ji well done! :D This is just the beginning....alll the best for future :)

    BTW: Autograph please....kahin haathse nikal gaye toh autograph toh rahe ga paas :)

    1. haha...........*dances along with you*...thanks...ya i know i have to keep on walking...

      arey, main aapke haath se kabhi nahi nikloonga....mujhse peecha chudana itna aasaan nahi hai ^_^

    2. Heheh :P
      BTW: hey n when are you couriering a free copy addressed to me?! I am waiting to re iew it on my blog :)

    3. Mujhe free copies nahi mile...sirf ek copy hai mere paas... :/

  4. First time here... liked your blog and Congrats Ritesh... I'd like to invite you to this contest...

    As a start of "IndiBlosp". I'm hosting a contest on 55 Fiction. It would be very Interesting. I'll be very happy if you contribute your writing in this contest "55 Fictionist Contest" you can share it to your friends and fellow bloggers... take care...

  5. Hi, yes i checked the contest...I am keen to take part...*fingers crossed*

    thanks for dropping by :)

  6. wooo.. great time to visit you.. been away for a while.

    Congratulations.. and keep up the good work :)

  7. thanks...keep visiting jyoti....ur visits are much appreciated :))

  8. Congratulations. Keep writing more and more :-)

  9. That's an achievement :) small small achievements make up a big one :) keep writing more and I would love to read your novel :) Congratulations :)

  10. Wow! that's great! :) Congratulations :) Harper Collins isn't that far for you ;)

  11. Hi Isha....thanks dear....i hope so....thank you for your nice nice words


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