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Can Love Happen Twice Review: Weak plot, brilliant narration

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Book: Can Love Happen Twice
Author: Ravinder Singh
Publisher: Penguin metro reads
Genre: Romance
Price: Rs 125
Number of pages: 216

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Review: 'Can love happen twice' is not as bad a book as it was made out to be. Sure, it is nowhere close to 'I too had a love story', the debut work of the author. But from the point of readability, it is very much an absorbing stuff.

There is no uniqueness in the story or knotty convolutions in the plot. It is mush after all. But it is the simplistic and realistic narration which Ravinder Singh is known for, that turns this ordinary romance into a loveable, hooking and even arresting stuff.

You won't remember this book for too long, but while you are reading it, you will enjoy it. It is the sequel to 'I too had a love story' but it is fictional and, unlike its prequel, is not based on Ravinder's real life.

After a crushing heartbreak (spoiler ahead) following the tragic death of Khushi, the author immerses himself in work and travels abroad for an official project. There he bumps into Simar and slowly gets drawn towards her. Love blossoms and they both decide to settle down. However, yet again, fate throws surprises at him as he goes through another heartbreak.

A beautiful cover pic, a sincere narration and a tsunami of emotions make this book a cheesy bedtime read.

If you loved Ravinder in 'I too had a love story', you will love him yet again in this piece. Indeed, love can happen twice.

PS- You may not like this book if mush and romance are not your preferred genres.

~Ritesh Agarwal

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