Saturday, December 7, 2013

Longest book I have ever read

My feedback in Telegraph dated 11.12.13

Being the kind of book-lover I am, I have read some really thick books (thick enough to give the likes of Sonakshi Sinha a run for her...umm..never mind). From Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to Gone with the Wind, I believe that there's nothing better in life than a good, fat book.

Technically, the longest book that I have read is 'War and Peace' that also happens to be my favourite all-time novel. I also take intense pride in having read this Tolstoy classic whose 1200 words-plus volume is a bit too daunting for most people to sit through. But I did it and in less than a month. That was in the year 2005 (if I am not wrong).

So guys, which is the longest book that you have ever read? Tell me in the comment section.

Long-ingly yours,
Ritesh Agarwal   :P
Calcutta, India


  1. War and peace, but that was long ago when I had ample time in hands.

    1. oh u read that book....u got my respect indrani :)

  2. Yeah ..right you're , Being an avid reader I always like good,fat books. And when it comes to reading, somehow I can manage to find the time. Have read 'War and Peace' long ago and HP series is my fav.

    1. HP series sabka fav hai :)
      Good to see that u read War n Peace

  3. Harry potter... no other books can keep me attentive for that long


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