Friday, April 13, 2012

Moon whispered to the Cloud

The Moon whispered to the Cloud
O my love, why do you go away
Why do you leave, why drift away
I wish to pass the night behind your veil
And in your shadows I wish to die.
The Cloud whispered back
O my love, I love you too
And long for your touch, yearn for your kiss
Your silvery smell I constantly miss
But fate has conspired, destiny has its say
The cruel Wind blows me away
But I promise my love, I will be back one day.......


  1. beautiful weave of the eve on yr blog:)

  2. Wonderful use of words.. liked :)

  3. Ritesh, I couldn't help but to notice your format for your blog, you have tabs for poetry and short stories and fiction. I tried this with my newest blog the Heart Of The Writer but the tabs, when I go to post my poetry, it's like it's all in one post.. there is no comment box between them for readers to comment on just one post.. any suggestions that might help me out? Your input would be greatly appreciated and by the way, I love the moon, I love clouds and this piece is so beautiful.. the way you give life to the moon, thoughts and feelings.. had me so mesmerized.. It's a shame that I didn't see this earlier! It's beautiful Ritesh!

    1. Thanks Crystal. Add 'labels' to your post. It will be somehwere in Design settings

    2. You will have to customize the Design section. Comments must be disabled. Enable it


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