Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Strange Telephone Call One Night

It was a dark and silent night. I had shut all windows & doors before settling down for a long, cosy sleep. The night grew deeper. Eerie silence reigned the place as everything became still. I was buried deep in my sleep, oblivious to the darkness around me. And then it happened.
A loud ring from my bedside telephone woke me up with an inexplicable suddenness. I looked at the clock, which was seamlessly ticking with a deafening silence. It was 3:10. I caught the receiver with my frail hands trembling in fearful anticipation.

‘Hello,’ I said.

‘Hello,’ said a cold voice, which seemed vaguely familiar. It seemed to come from a far-away place.

‘Who is this,’ I mustered courage.

There was a long pause. My breath became heavier with anticipation. The caller maintained a spine-chilling silence. And then he spoke his first & final words which are still ringing in my ears. “Didn’t you recognize my voice? I am your soul. You died of a heart attack at 3:07.”

Horror-struck, I looked back at my bed and saw my own body sleeping in eternal peace.


  1. Oh My scary to read it even...

    1. Thanks Seema for feeling scared....I alwez like it when my stories do the job I want them to :D

  2. That is definitely creepy!! LOL! Thanks for sharing your stories with us all!! You are very talented!

    1. Haha...I love to read n write creepy stories Crystal :)


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