Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why IPL sucks

I would have had no grudge against T20 had it sat at the corner giving its due respect to test & ODI cricket. But when small things begin to take centre stage, thereby, pushing the giants on the periphery, then my blood boils up. One of the reasons I hate IPL is that it promotes T20. And second and more important reason I detest IPL is that it makes such a big bash with so much unwanted pomposity that much bigger international matches are sidelined into obscurity.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't or that I wouldn't follow IPL. Yous should watch it and I too would be following it (though not with even 20% of the fervor with which I followed India-Australia fixture Down Under) but well, little things should not be made to look like giants when they are merely minnows. In IPL, there's too much glamour, too much star power, too much opulence, too much media attention, too much money and yet too little "real" cicket. It's a pity that the BCCI maintains a 2-month long schedule for this silly, stupid, slambang thing (t20 is really no cricket). I rest my case.

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  1. totally agree....sad that most people don't realise how it is damaging the real cricket....remember how a wicket taking bowler Ishant sharma lost his confidence and skill after a season of IPL...nothing is above test cricket...last 1 year has been the worst ever i think


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