Sunday, April 15, 2012

Titanic- Buried in my heart

Today, as the world observes the centenary anniversary of the loss of the Titanic, I pleasantly recall some of the fondest moments of my life....moments & memories that Titanic has gifted me long after its death.
I was in high school when I watched & re-watched and re-rewatched James Cameron's 'Titanic' and that ethereally romantic movie left an indelible mark on my mind....on my heart...on my soul.
When I was in Standard 8, I had an English prose called 'The Loss of the Titanic' which became my all-time favourite, just like the film.
Titanic- be it the film or the story or its heart-stirring music, it simply takes me, with itself, into a world never seen before. Perhaps, it takes me, with itself, into the bottomless depths of the oceans but I don't mind coz along with 'Titatnic', my heart will go on and on.....

I will conclude with a short poetry which is my ode to it:

"As the waves lick you
The stars above do miss you
Hundred years have passed since you died
But in my heart O' Titanic, you still glide........"


  1. Defintely true.. Those 4 lines said it all. I had watched the movie way back then in one of the best theaters in Bangalore then. I still remember the small things that highlighted the movie.

    1. Titanic used to be my life...Certainly, the memories are invigorating :)

  2. I didn't watch many movies while growing up. Simply put, going to the theater or renting and buying movies was just a luxury we couldn't afford and I was sheltered too. But I think last year was my very first time watching the movie Titanic and OH MY GOODNESS! It was a wonderful movie and I cried like a baby! It was such a beautiful inspiring movie. I can't believe it took so long for me to be able to see it. Thanks for posting!

    1. Good thing's that you eventually saw this beautiful piece of movie....all is well than ends well

  3. Simply superb... RIP to everyone who have got lost with it :(

  4. it was a very touching movie i do remember crying and crying in the end..and in recent years following up on channels like discovery about the titanic


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