Saturday, April 14, 2012

Will Brock Lesnar revive WWE’s fortunes?

The quality of matches played in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) circuit in recent times has got diluted. This, to an extent, can be attributed to the lack of star power that has crippled the industry in recent years after famous stars like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and Kurt Angle bid adieu. Even the existing stars like Triple H, Undertaker or Shawn Michaels make rare appearances and have got sidelined by the new crop of less-starry players like Shamus and company. Personally, I had quit watching the show which, once, was the source of my addiction.
But the explosive Raw episode following this year’s Wrestlemania witnessed the reappearance of Brock ‘The Pain’ Lesnar after 8 long years. He’s such a big star in his own right that his 5-minute appearance caused a major stir and arrested the attention of the entire world. No doubt, this augurs well for the WWE’s fortunes since a lot of people will now follow the show with renewed interest. I, for one, will be hooked to the TV when the camera is on him. Only if Mr. McMahon would weave his magic wand and pull in some of the other ex-stars like Kurt Angle and Goldberg! After all, McMahon can do anything……


  1. Wrestle mania this year was really good. I use to be a fan of WWF(when it used to b called by this name).I still like it but now i moved to UFC which made Brock superstar in real sense.

    Good post as it make me remember abt WWE


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