Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip Review: Pros and Cons and some melodrama

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Get Ambi Pur Vent Clip for Car
(Ting ting ti ting)

When the courier-wala violently rang my door bell and appeared in a state of urgency (as if his life depended on making me sign the parcel), I grabbed it out of him and bid him a chagrined goodbye (much to his relief).

When some fluffy and heavily-wrapped parcel arrives at my place these days, my entire family congregates in excited anticipation, with a beacon of hope in their eyes and with a fervent prayer-‘Kaash is baar book na ho’ (hoping it’s not another book this time).

So, on unfurling the wrapper, when my mom discovered that it was some special (and sophisticated-looking) thing, she leapt in delight and began to run around the house. It was the Mini Vent Car Clip by Ambi Pur. The company, in association with IndiBlogger, was generously giving free samples to fortunate bloggers like me (one of the many perks of being an IndiBlogger member) and, like all my fellow blogging mates, I was greedy enough to apply for it. *evil laugh in the background*

So, when the package was satisfactorily torn apart (to pieces), in my hand smiled this small bottle of Vent Clip which I upheld high in the air for everyone to admire with starry eyes.

Something told me inside that ‘Ritesh, now that you have got a car vent clip, you will need to buy a car.’

It filled me with a twinge of guilt and defeat. ‘Oh I don’t have a car’. Should I mail Renie Revin (the man behind IndiBlogger) and tell him to send me a car so that I can review the clip?

Oh, I wanted to. And I was about to. But the tiny bit of sense that was left in me warned ‘If you send such a weird mail na, then he will kick you out of the forum’  :O  

So, I picked up my cell (Oh I recently got a smartPhone you know) and called up my friend who had also applied for the clip and who also hasn’t got a car.

She told me that since she cannot buy a car right now (neither can I), she has hung the clip inside her washroom where it is giving out a soft and pleasant odour.

I intend to do the same, unless someone amongst you (yes, including ‘you’ my dear reader) is rich and benevolent enough to gift your poor friend a luxury car (a small one will do. You see I’m not gunning for a BMW, though if you have a ‘bada dil’ I won’t refuse you  :/  )

Speaking from my perception about the product (I pride myself on my power of judgment, btw) and on the basis of several interviews with which I have grilled my friends and acquaintances, here are the pros and cons of this clip:

-          It is easy to fit inside your car and is user-friendly
-          It is light in weight, easy to carry and packaged well in a transparent bottle
-          It is not expensive and can be purchased for just around Rs 200 (that’s not much since you are already shelling out double that amount for 2-hours of a crappy Bollywood cinema these days)
-          The mini vent clip lasts for around a month (or more) quite easily and comes as a ‘paisa vasool’ thing
-          It is deliciously fragrant and proves itself to be a reliable comfort during the tediously long road journeys and while negotiating those silly traffics
-          It is available in several different aromas
-          It can be given as a gift. It is rich in looks but doesn’t cost you much. So, a win-win situation, woooo   :D

-          On the downside, you need to have a car to get the best use out of it. So, if you are buying it, you will have to shell out around 4-5 lakhs to buy a car as well
-           Some people like Voldemort may not be able to smell it (but then, he already nose that)

PS- I asked my elder sister Sheetal Didi to take my clip (since they have a car), but she told me that they already have a stock of Ambi Pur car clips at their place).
Guess, I will have to wait till the day some kind-hearted Messiah gifts me a car    L

[The post is actually a rainbow of my views and emotions, with its usual dollops of melodrama. I hope you enjoyed reading it. By the way, it has been penned for an IndiBlogger Contest by Ambi Pur Mini VentClip.]

~Ritesh Agarwal

Feel free to send me a car this ‘Diwali’ and win a ‘dinner with Ritesh’ contest. Hurry, offer lasts till 31.12.eternity.     


  1. Lovely review rit!...but one thing, the picture is misleading, the one you have put up is the real vent clip and not the mini one. :)

  2. hey thanks for pointing it out...but koi baat's the vent clip after all


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