Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Which Calcutta street snack can go global?

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Jhaalmuri and Puchka, sold on the streets of Calcutta, have the potential to go global. However, sophisticated urbane countries (read UK, USA, blah blah) may try to make the process of preparing them more decent-looking and less cringe-y, by introducing machines and eliminating humans. But that would spoil the charm of these snacks. Imagine Puchka-selling without the usual dipping of the sweaty hands into the 'paani'?  Hygiene can go for toss. Puchkas and jhaalmuris look like puchkas and jhaalmuris only when there is dust, dirt and sweat involved. Period.

~Dirtily yours
Ritesh Agarwal

By the way, ‘Puchka’ is the local Calcuttan parlance for ‘golgappa’ or ‘paanipuri’. ‘Jhaalmuri’ is the spicier and less syrupy version of ‘bhelpuri’.


  1. yeah you are right, rats. minus hygiene.. but still the roadside shops alone can bring out the best taste in those snacks and chai. :)

  2. heehee....Ratty you got your cheese ? :P


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