Monday, October 14, 2013

Gravity 3D Review: Movie of a lifetime

Movie: Gravity 3D
Director: Alfonso Cuaron
Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
Genre: Science Fiction

My rating: 4.7 out of 5

My Review:

Last evening, on a rain-disturbed Navami day in Kolkata, I headed for this Hollywood science fiction. I had read some positive reviews about the film in newspapers but I wasn't prepared for the impossibly great spectacle which was in store for me. 

'Gravity' 3D is an astronomical film, an unearthly one in both literal and figurative ways. It is a movie of a lifetime. No wait, is this a movie? For the entire duration of the film, you feel like you have been placed in space where you float with Bullock and banter with Clooney. 

Ever since I stepped out of the hall, I am troubling myself with the question that how the hell did they make this film? I mean seriously, there is no scene of the Earth, except for 2 mins in the climax. 

Perhaps, only one man on the planet could have made this possible. Alfonso Cuaron-the Mexican guy who made 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' which, in my opinion, is the most well-made instalment in the 8-film franchise. The entry scene of the dementors in the train compartment is iconic in itself. The dribble of icy beads over the misty panes of the window and the cold silence of the dementor's breath- it was a sheer visual spectacle. 

'Gravity' has now increased my respect for Alfonso to stratospheric levels (even Jupiter's gravity wont be able to pull it down, mind it). 

When you are watching this film, you are actually engaging in an experience which you will never be able to discover elsewhere, unless you intend to become an astronaut and rocket off into space. 

It is also a film that truly deserves the 3D technology which has appeared quite inane in some of the recent and vacuous flicks. It is a film that will give you a scare as well as adrenaline. 

During the interval, my friend Jagrut googled for the movie's review and told me that Fox News has hailed it by citing that no such movie has been made before. I second that. And I am sure, you will third that once you watch this movie. 

Just in case, you end up not watching it, you will be very unfortunate.....really really unfortunate.... 

PS- If you do watch it, based on my recommendation, kindly leave your comments below. I will like you to pile up praises on me.

-Ritesh Agarwal


  1. Awesome! I didnt know this movie is out in the screens? Have seen the trailers and it looks brilliant! Gonna watch it. And what a wonderfully detailed review Ritesh.

    Blog on.

  2. I ill keep a watch for the movie, the review is good.

  3. This is movie is Surely a Watch..Read lots of Reviews and every reviews say Positively about them...So tomorrow I am watching this..Though not in a Multiplex.. ;)

  4. I am really looking forward to it :-)

    1. Do watch it amount of praise will be enough for this one...

  5. I watched the movie this weekend and wrote a blog on it as well... An absolutely spectacular movie!! It was an art rather!!

  6. Got to watch the movie. nice review !


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