Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bathroom- A place where geniuses are born

I feel that the world owes several of its ingenious discoveries and inventions to this humble place called ‘bathroom’.

Everyday I walk into the bathroom with a bloated stomach and an empty head, and walk out after 20 minutes with an empty stomach and a bloated head. There is some sort of magical serenity to this place which makes the head buzz with ideas.

On umpteen occasions, I have just rushed out of the bathroom in my ‘Eureka’ moment and grabbed a pen, paper, iPad, phone or laptop just to quickly jot down a plot, narrative, idea or a story that grew in my mind in that ‘fertile’ land called ‘bathroom’.

Speaking of ‘Eureka’, this word sprung into global usage only after one Mr. Archimedes popularized it when he ran out naked from his bath tub after the epiphany of ‘buoyant force’ hit him as he was enjoying his bath.

Source: Google images

So you see, bathroom does offer that solitude and relaxation that helps you to think out-of-the-box (in this case, out-of-the-tub).

Sometimes, I feel that the tale of the apple falling over Isaac Newton’s head is a fabricated made-up story. What actually transpired got hushed up in order to save the modesty of the great scientist. Maybe, he was just sitting over the commode and then ‘you know what’ fell with a splash and the idea struck him-

 ‘Why the hell did it go down and not come up’.

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Yeah, there is some force which pulls things down. Now, we know it as gravity!   *wink wink*

~Ritesh Agarwal,


  1. haha...this is so true. Lovely post Rit. \m/

  2. haha.. funny and so true.. cant agree more :D

  3. Hahahhaa..Newton made up his story I guess,if it did come up,you know what would have happened.. ;)
    And I guess you are having a lot of Eureka moments Ritesh. :P


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